Irish First Impressions


I’ve always had this tendency to name whatever book I’ve most recently finished as my favourite. Maybe I really live in the moment, maybe I need to sharpen my critical eye (seriously, not having a real answer to the favourite book question as … Continue reading

Southwest England & a “wee” bit of Wales


As my bus pulled up to the stop where my local host was meeting me in Bath, the driver exclaimed, “you didn’t tell me you were Haley– I’ve been waiting for you!” Bath’s friendly, welcoming nature provided sharp contrast to 2 weeks of London … Continue reading

Day Tripping to Brighton, Manchester, Chester & Hogwarts


Almost as soon as I got to London, I left again. Keen to explore the coast (where we both feel a little bit more at home) Nathalie had booked us a day-trip out to Brighton for my first Saturday in … Continue reading