Ruins bars, baths & the rest of Budapest


Through 3 months of mainly solo travel I’ve rarely felt vulnerable, but I have learned that it’s far more pleasant to get to a new town midday. Daylight makes a lot of things — like reading a map, asking for directions, or squeezing a … Continue reading

Prague & Pisek (or, continuing to carbo-load my way through Europe)

IMG_7309 - Copy

Last spring I worked every Saturday morning at YYoga. It really was the perfect excuse to get me up and moving at a decent time, and — since no one else ever was — it never felt like the 3-hour … Continue reading

Germany: Round 1


To be completely honest, Germany was never high on my travel to-do list. I’m likely not alone when I say that I never dreamt of Deutschland the way I did Venice, Paris or London. But having spent a week and … Continue reading

Clogs & Croquettes


Having never heard of the city before leaving Canada, my stop in Siena back in February was based purely on a friend’s advice. After visiting the gorgeous Duomo and tasting the delicious fratelli I was definitely appreciative of the suggestion, but in the last three weeks I’ve had … Continue reading